Dear Sabina & Bona,

I had to write this letter because I knew that all the things I wanted to say would not fit in my thank you card. Plus, my handwriting is atrocious!

It is so unfortunate that you both could not have known mom when she was able to speak. She had a wonderful personality and was full of warmth and love for people. I guess that showed in her smile. It was the hardest thing for me when she stopped smiling. At least I knew what was in her heart.

Thank you for the excellent care you went out of your way to give my mother. When nurses remark repeatedly how wonderful her skin looked when she was in the hospital, you know excellence in care is not always the norm with AFH, ALFs, and SNFs. I especially appreciated the family atmosphere that prevails in your home. It made such a difference for mom. Her birthday celebrations made for wonderful memories, especially with the gentleman who sang her favorite song to her.

I always felt like I could trust you to catch the subtle changes in her condition and alert me immediately for a decision on the course of action. That kind of response only comes when you really get to know a resident rather than just administering care to them.

I appreciated that you made her the smoothies for lunch. It’s hard to be on a blenderized diet and any time you can spark those taste buds into action is a real treat, especially when you enjoy eating as much as mom did.

Finally, thank you for putting up with her daughter’s frequent requests. When you have lovingly cared for someone as long as I cared for mom. You how she liked things done and you want to keep it going – for a sense of continuity and familiarity. Giving up the control of the care of a loved one to others is extremely difficult and one has to go through it to understand the multiple emotions it engenders. Thank you for being understanding in this regard and for not making me feel like the impossible daughter I must have seemed.

Thank you for being so committed to the work you do. May God bless your ministry.

Most sincerely,



Bona and Sabina,

Thank you both for the kind and professional care you provided to my mother while she was in the Bon Adult Family Home for a short time between May and the end of June of this year before she was taken to Swedish Edmonds Hospital. I was impressed by how clean you kept your home and all the tenants’ rooms, by how neat my mother’s room was and by how attentive your care was to all the residents of the home. I was pleased to see that your care for my mother continued, even while she was in the hospital and pass away there, through Sabina’s involvement as a nurse on her floor and through the time both of you took to sit with her in her room as she deteriorated.

Bona: I also appreciate your insight into my mother’s condition the morning you noticed something was terribly wrong and she needed to be taken to the hospital. Your insistence that an ambulance be called was insightful, appropriate, and proved to be the right thing to do.

Sabina: Thank you also for your kindness and support to my mother in the hospital, your care for her there and in the home, and your support for me as I sat with her during the days of her decline.

You both were wonderful to work with and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Marc Wiederholt

Marc Wiederholt

Finding Bon Adult Family Home was the Best thing that could have happened for us. My Dad was in an assisted living facility prior and was not being cared for like he deserved. The staff is qualified, professional, supportive and treats residents with Loving care. They go the extra mile for residence and family members and genuinely care. Cant think of a better place or better people to care for our Dad and help us on this journey.

Kimberly M.

Kimberly M.

My mom has been at the Bon adult family home since August 2014. Their level of care is excellent. It really is a family environment. She moved from a larger senior living facility where she was able to get lost in the crowd and seclude herself. Here she has come out of her shell and joined a family.

Jason S.

Dean Bona:

I wish to express my appreciation to you, your family and the staff at Bon Adult Family Home for the care given to my mother Lillian Jones from April 2016 until her passing in January 2021. When I visited her, I always found her clean and well taken care of. The home was always clean and the workers were friendly and accommodating. When I called on the phone, the workers helped my mother manage the call. They were always courteous to her. When I visited and took her for an outing, you and your staff always worked with us well in terms of toileting and appropriate clothing.

My mother’s dementia made care difficult at times. I appreciate the patience exhibited by you and your staff under these circumstances. You managed her diet so that she didn’t have to take insulin. You also managed a host of other medications she needed.

Since I live overseas, there were many items that I could not manage by myself between visits. Among these were taking my mother to the doctor. I appreciate that you offered that service. And when she passed, thank you for managing her transfer to Cascade Memorial and taking care of her remaining goods according to my request.

Thank you again for all that you did for my mother and me. May God bless your family, staff, and business.

With appreciation,

David Jones

David Jones